3 Carlos Correa Destinations That Will Break Astro Fans’ Hearts

Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY SPORTS

Houston Astros fans are looking forward to losing shortstop Carlos Correa this off-season. But signing him with any one of these three teams would be heartbreaking for the fanbase.

The Houston Astros will have a very interesting off-season when it comes to shortstop Carlos Correa. With the team unable to reach a deal with Korea before the 2021 season, Korea had a strong campaign, meaning he will be cashing in on a sizable contract in free agency.

Sure, the Astros did manage to bring back pitcher Justin Verlander, which could turn into a two-year deal, but it will be tough for the Astros fanbase to lose to Korea. But the damage could be even greater if he signs any one of these three teams.

Carlos Correa free agency destination that will be heartbreaking for Astros fans

new York Yankees

Imagine being a fan of the Astros, and watching Korea sign a multi-year deal with the New York Yankees? That wouldn’t feel good, would it?

The Astros and Yankees have been in a heated rivalry with the 2017 ALCS, which saw Houston make it to the World Series in seven games. Then, the sign-theft scandal unfolded throughout the 2017 season. Then the tension increased.

In addition to the rivalry, there are baseball fans who are not happy when the Yankees sign a superstar to a massive contract. Will New York do this? that remains to be seen. But seeing Korea wear a Yankees pinstripe will undoubtedly make Astro fans nauseous.

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