5 Scary Travel Sites You’ll Actually Want to Visit

5 Scary Travel Sites You'll Actually Want to Visit

There are many horror stories. Some are purely based on fantasy while others prefer recent murders. Mysterious encounters, scenes, and places you really want to go (outside of crawling) exist. These are the 5 scary sites from the Foxnomad podcast that you’ll actually want to check out on your next trip.

1. Margaret Shell Grotto

Margaret Shell Grotto

Located in Kent, England and was discovered in 1835 by a father and son excavating around a duck pond Margaret Shell Grotto A snake is a cave of 185 square meters. Adorned with over 4.6 million shells, it has an altar chamber and rotunda. No one knows who built this mysterious site and there are no good guesses. However you can go to Margaret Shell Grotto for a few British pounds and see it yourself.

2. Socorro UFO Landing Site

Socorro UFO Site

On April 24, 1964, just outside Socorro, New Mexico, police officer Lonnie Zamora was chasing a speeding teenager. As he went out into the desert, however, something caught his eye. Zamora stopped chasing and saw a craft with creatures roaming outside. The US Air Force conducted an investigation, collecting photographs and physical evidence to corroborate Zamora’s story. Even today, the official official site of Socorro lists its coordinates.

3. Historic Anchorage Hotel

Historic Langar Hotel

Built in 1916 and the only historic hotel in Alaska’s largest city, the Historic Anchorage Hotel Is Known to have 3 ghosts Whose sightings are so common, a guest book records them at the reception. Rooms 215, 217, 202 and 205 are considered particularly haunting if you want to see a little boy from another world, a murdered police chief, or a terrifying bride.

4. Ruwa, Zimbabwe

one of the most traditional Non-Explanatory UFO EncounterThe collective vision and interaction between 62 students in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, and a faculty of exotic crafts and creatures has shaken those who have studied it. Harvard psychiatry professor John Mack interviewed the children extensively, and local BBC correspondent Tim Leach said after their investigation, “I could handle war zones, but I couldn’t handle it.”

5. Bunny Man Bridge

bunny man bridge

urban legend is creepy but the true story is even more bizarre. Studied for more than a decade by Fairfax County Archivist Brian Conley, his paper on the government website is among the most important. treatise on bunny man. A small bridge in northern Virginia, no refuge or spiky rabbit like myth but a hatch through a car window? This happened to a couple on October 18, 1970, but one man was wearing a bunny dress. No one was hurt and Bunny Man was seen again two weeks later. Ax in hand, attacking an abandoned house, he threatened witnesses to stay away. Since then, he has not been seen and no one knows who this person was. You can try your luck (or lack thereof) on Halloween at midnight, with several locals who dare to defy the Bunny Man’s curse.

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