Fans lose their minds on Twitter after Cardinals manager Mike Schildt was fired

Fans Can’t Believe Cardinals Manager Mike Schildt Has Been Fired

As you can guess, people are losing their minds right now. While a lot of people were unhappy with Scheldt’s decision making throughout the year, there was hope that he did enough to secure his job. However, the case has proved to be the opposite.

People in St. Louis are now turning their attention to who could be the next manager. The second Jeff Passan reported the news, Cardinals supporters began referring to the lone Tony La Russa. Can the Hall of Famer St. Louis come back and lead the team that helped win the World Series?

La Russa ended his first campaign with the Chicago White Sox, losing to the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS. The hope is that La Russa will return to Guaranteed Rate Field in 2022, unless the players decide they do not want him back in the city.

We’ll have to wait and see if something magical happens and card fans get their wish with La Rusa. As for Schildt, he’ll be ready to see if another organization is calling.

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