Fulfills massive free agency spree by fielding a prized outfielder

The New York Mets missed out on free agency early, but that’s when the buying spree on Black Friday closed by scoring the best centerfielder in the market.

In the early days of free agency, the New York Mets were ridiculed because Steve Cohen was overly salty and the franchise was pushing for potential targets as Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, and others signed with teams living in the Big Apple. Were. On Black Friday, however, the club quickly changed the narrative.

He began his spending spree by signing utility infielder and quality bat Eduardo Escobar for a solid contract. Next, he brought on veteran Mark Canha, a player with immense positional versatility and a high base percentage.

However, the Mets saved the best for last. Late Friday, New York agreed to a four-year, $78 million contract with centerfielder Starling Marte, reports MLB Network’s John Heyman.

Mets sign Starling Marte to kick off Black Friday spending spree

On Black Friday, the Mets spent $124.5 million in free agency the day after Thanksgiving. For a team that was the butt of a joke for a minute, New York aggressively changed that perception with their move.

And clearly, Cohen and his teammates haven’t worked as well.

In the wake of the Escobar deal, as he has played second base in his career, it was clear to all reporters to admit that did not stop New York from re-signing Javier Baez, whom the team continues to target.

All told, you have to like moves for the Mets. Marte was the best centerfielder on the market and gives New York a two-pronged asset. Meanwhile, he added more offense along with Escobar and Kanha in addition to defensive versatility. Throw in the fact that they’re not done yet and their off-season is definitely changing.

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