Mississippi State WR’s Zero Deals With Tractor Dealerships Will Make Your Week

Mississippi State wide receiver Jaden Volley might have signed the best zero deal ever.

While a ton of people may be concerned about how NIL deals are potentially ruining college athletics, a tractor dealership located in Mississippi and Arkansas has made a particularly great NIL deal possible for wide receivers in Mississippi State.

Jaden Wally, a sophomore of Bulldogs, recently signed a deal with Mississippi AG, a john deere dealership Which has locations throughout the state.

And what’s the best way to announce such a sponsorship deal? Volley climbing on a tractor, wearing camouflage coveralls and boots, so you can take a photo to turn into a social media graphic for Twitter.

This is one sided best thing ever. It’s an embrace of agriculture, a zero deal that benefits a college athlete in some way, and a great way for a business to get plenty of exposure.

This zero deal between Mississippi State wide receiver Jaden Wally and the tractor dealership is perfect

Mississippi State has an agricultural school and Starkville is surrounded by farming communities. Heck, the state of Mississippi was, at one point in its history, known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi.

On top of that, much of the state of Mississippi is supported by some form of agriculture. While cotton often comes to mind first when thinking of Mississippi’s agricultural production, there are several other agricultural efforts underway in the state of Magnolia.

From forestry to corn to soybeans to rice fields and everything else in between, there are many reasons why someone might need a tractor somewhere in Mississippi.

So, why not partner with key players from the state’s leading land grant university to help you sell your tractors? This is a great move that means a lot to the local economy. Plus it makes for great content for us to celebrate. Good on you, Wally and Eggup.

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