Will ESPN let Alex Rodriguez walk away from Sunday Night Baseball?

option to return next year.

On Tuesday night, Rodriguez was in the booth for the AL Wild Card Game between the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees. He made some questionable takes, saying that New York pitcher Gerrit Cole will be the AL Cy Young winner next year during his “sophomore season” in the Bronx. Except that next year will be Cole’s third with the Yankees.

Will ESPN renew Alex’s Rodriguez’s contract?

Overall, the consensus seems to be that ESPN is leaning towards renewing A-Rod’s contract. Also, the overall consensus between fans of the game is that maybe ESPN shouldn’t renew Rodriguez’s contract.

It’s true, the comments that A-Rod makes while he’s in the booth don’t always make sense. He obviously has the right background for the job, but he’s still somehow falling short.

ESPN is expected to bring Rodriguez back, and maybe his second contract will be a charm. There’s no denying that he has the experience and first-hand knowledge. Rodriguez is able to relate directly to the players, so maybe ESPN will decide to bring him back for that reason alone.

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