Would the people of Pakistan want to say one good thing about India?

India and Pakistan have fought many wars and both the countries do not have good relations with each other. A mild way to put it, given over half a century of hostilities and territorial disputes, all nuclear bombs escalated. So during my visit to Pakistan I was curious, can good people say anything about India?

you can see Reactions in the above video, they will surprise you as much as it did me.

behind the scenes

I had this video in my mind, while filming around Pakistan. partly as a reaction many videos I made comparison of the two countries Which brought a lot of fighting in the comments section (browse at your own discretion). This got me curious, can we boil things down to simply: Can you say a good thing?

Burns Road Karachi

I was hesitant before asking the question to the first person I had already interviewed as part of another project. His response was positive (apart from the shame of the camera). Maybe it was a fluke, I’ll have to ask others and wait for a response.

Although it never came, people were overwhelmingly positive. While reading this you might be thinking, yes, but okay… put an excuse here. Trust me, those warnings even bubbled up in my gray matter. Over several weeks, reactions from cities and people from all walks of life were overwhelmingly positive. Not a scientific study but a beginning. We can go from there, whether we’re talking about the nation or your next door neighbor, or both.


There were many people who didn’t have nice things to say. Want to guess the number? The sum total of two. But the number of people who say nice things? 100%. Yes, those two guys also had a good thing to say and they are featured in the video.

Let’s talk about the two reactions that weren’t entirely positive. One of the two asked me aggressively why I was asking people to say a nice thing (and why I wasn’t doing it in another country). I explained that this was a question I had and didn’t need to be answered explicitly if he didn’t want to. After a moment, he thought about it and said a good thing or two.

The other made a bit of a political rant about India’s internal political structure, made a good point, and then continued a bit on politics. A bit off track but still astounding me, he had a good thing to say. Hope you find this video informative, encouraging and you have a good thing to say about it in the comments.

You are a beautiful person and you have so much to offer to the world. Keep trying to show everyone your best side!

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